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Meret Oppenheim at Di Donna Galleries:

Following Meret Oppenheim’s triumphant MoMA retrospective, Di Donna Galleries has dedicated its booth solely to the visionary Swiss artist. It’s good timing all around, given the growing market clamor for female Surrealists. Oppenheim’s idiosyncrasies and wit are plenty delightful, and Di Donna has assembled an eclectic display that speaks to the diversity of her oeuvre—something often overshadowed by the fame of Object (1936), her little furry teacup in MoMA’s collection. A standout sculpture at the booth, Eichhörnchen (Squirrel), from 1969–70, has been ported straight from the MoMA show. A covered glass sprouting a bushy squirrel tail, it does share Object’s spirit. 

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